Big Edition

Modern Take on Traditional Media

Every media company sets out to tell a story. But there’s a big difference between telling the same story and finding the underreported angle that’s often overlooked. That’s what we do at Big Edition. Our digital media company’s five brands focus on reporting the smaller stories that spark conversations, widen perspectives and build communities of like-minded readers. This modern take on traditional media is about delivering that classic Sunday newspaper experience — online. Flip to the sports or travel verticals. Read stories about the people and movements shaping our world. There’s something for every interest, big or small.

Our Brands

Always Pets celebrates the joy animals bring to life. We focus on the offbeat, unusual and funny world of animals to inspire animal lovers.

FamilyMinded navigates modern family life. We explore relationships, pregnancy, parenting, health and everything in between.

Far & Wide encourages travelers of all types to see the world and enjoy adventures. From big countries to small towns, we take people places.

Stadium Talk covers the past, present and future of sports around the world. We provide in-depth sports stories for every kind of sports fan.

Work + Money provides a guide to the good life. We help people make the most of their careers, wealth and leisure time.

Quality Journalism at Scale

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What Sets Us Apart

The internet is bigger than most people think, but it’s still difficult to stand out in the crowd. That’s why we do things a little bit differently at Big Edition. You won’t find the same old, same old here. We go long when others go short. We go deep when others just scratch the surface. We go original when everyone else recycles the same old news. Now more than ever, it’s important to sidestep the media circus and give people unexpected stories that get at the heart of what matters. With our five brands, we uncover the hidden topics audiences want but are hard to find. When everyone else is talking to the hero, we find the unsung hero and tell that story. This unique, organic approach allows us to engage with a large audience and create a loyal community with shared interests.

Work With Us

We love to collaborate at Big Edition. Whether you’re interested in freelancing for us, creating an affiliate partnership with our brands or looking for other ways to connect, please reach out with inquiries. Our team will follow up if there’s an opportunity to work together.