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We don’t have to live to work, but we all have to work to live. At Work + Money, we cover the careers of successful millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists to empower people to make the most of their wealth and leisure time. Published by Big Edition, Work + Money is a digital community that focuses on the underreported world of earning money, spending money, saving money and giving money to inspire the good life for anyone who values wealth and luxury.

Our mission is to help people find the good life.

  • Our editorial team publishes original stories on wealth and leisure topics with underreported angles that are often overlooked.
  • Our most popular topics cover successful careers (40%), real estate (25%), collectibles (25%) and wealth (10%).
  • Example stories include “Dying Professions You Should Avoid,” “Most Educated States in America,” “Most Valuable Pennies in Circulation,” “Highest-Paying Jobs” and “Most Hilarious Work Signs.”
  • Our audience is mobile-first, 50 percent male-female, 22 percent ages 35-44, 20 percent ages 45-54, 18 percent ages 55-64, 17 percent ages 25-34, 12 percent ages 65+, 11 percent ages 18-24, and consistently interested in practical tips and money-saving bargains.

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Work + Money loves to work with people who value the good life. If you’re interested in freelancing for us, creating a partnership or looking for other ways to connect, please contact us, and let us know how you would like to work with us.